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Module 1


Benefits of Learning English for Call Centers and other Jobs

This module will help you see the benefits of learning the English language to be able to communicate effectively and clearly in a call center, business process outsourcing (BPO) or any English speaking work environment locally or abroad.

Module 2


Learning English Tips

This module will guide you with what items you need to know and practice to be able to improve your English communication skills.

  • Improve English Communication Skills

  • English Fluency

Module 3


Fundamentals of Call Center Success

This module talks about the fundamentals of the English language such as nouns, verbs and pronouns.

Module 4



This module will help you improve your pronunciation or the way how to speak the English language. There are differences between American English and British English pronunciation and types of words used.

Module 5


Grammar & Sentence Construction
(Sentence Mastery)

This module is about putting together the English words into a structure that is used for formal and informal communication. You will see how nouns and verbs connect with each other to form a sentence.

Module 6


Fluency and Comprehension

This module is about speaking the right words, sentences and phrases that is common in the English language which can be easily understood in a conversation.

Module 7



This module is to help you build a broad list of words that you can use in English. It will help you remember easily the words and its use in everyday conversation both publicly and in the workplace.

Module 8


American Geography

This module is about the United States of America. It talks about its states, culture, currency, time, seasons and anything particular to America.

Module 9


Job Application Interview Tips

This module gives you the right and wrong ways when in an interview to prepare you well and to ace it.

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